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    The length of the hat is 28 centimeters, the width is 18 centimeters and the height is 12 centimeters.Head circumference 60 centimeters. This product is suitable for home, home, sleep, office, etc. Element name: Drink a helmet Material: plastic Features: lightweight Color: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, pink, camouflage Details size: Hat: 28 centimeters x 18 centimeters x 12 centimeters/11.02 'x 7.09' x 4.72 '' (approximately.) Head circumference: 60 centimeters/23.62 '' (approximately). The package includes: 1 x Drink helmet (others not listed)..
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* Note: Please use QC3.0 power transformer (charger), otherwise the LED light will not be on. * It works for all phones that support wireless charging !!! * Note: To try fast charging and using all functions at the same time, please use QC 3.0 power transformer 2023NEWLED APP Control RGB atmosphere, wireless charger lamp the description:   1. Input voltage: 12 volts/2.5 A 2. Wireless output: 5w-7.5W-10W-15W 3. LDE output: 10 watts 4. Bluetooth sound energy: 3 watts 5. Material: Press computer 6. Product color: black, white 7. Lighting mode: 256 species 8. Recitation distance: 2-6 mm meter 9. Shipping efficiency: 75% 10. Work Frequency: 100-205KHz 11. Battery capacity button: 40mah 12. Net weight: 466g 13. Product size: 225*82*230 mm Specifications: Job description: 15 w wire charging, sleeping lamp, sunrise waking lamp, atmosphere lamp, bed lamp, dazzling light effect, bluetooth sound, around the clock, alarm   Click on the 10 -way replacement bulb button (in color, two horse color running, three horse -shaped, seven horse operation), and other media of 256 and 16 million light colors that can be adjusted through the application connected.   The package includes: 1 * Smart RGB Night Light Wireless Shipping 1 * Shipping cable 1 * User guide Notes: Note: This product comes with a fast charger..
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Piercing game, smooth, guess, guess, boxing, interesting game, Rock, scissors, guess, boxing Specifications: This is a gorgeous and interactive game with a fine workmanship design suitable for two or more people to enjoy guessing game.It is a great entertainment game for increased interaction between parties, children and friends. As a funny game with classic rock scissors paper playing a job, it has an interesting playback to attract children to play with friends. It is made of ABS. The length of this product is 16.3cm and the width is 5.4 centimeters. It is suitable for a child, relaxation, entertainment, etc. Element name: Handy Game Material: plastic Color: random color Features: random change, creative, entertainment Size details: L: 16.3cm/6.42", W: 5.4 centimeters/2.13"(almost.) comments: Due to the different lighting and screen adjustment, the color of the product may differ slightly from the images. Please allow a slight difference in the dimension due to the difference in manual measurement. The package includes: 1×His hand is a game..
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    feature: 1. This product is an ideal matching version of the AK-47 design, using the original wood color and the body of the dark brown grain gun. 2. The product has 2 operating media, you can switch to achieve one continuous Fire shot 3. Decisive magazine, mechanical design.The product is made of clicks and tinton construction, tightly and fully fully.Funness is fun as well as gun fun. 4- High-resistant strength, flexible leather ammunition, mechanical targeting system, grain wood has decreased stocks and other unique points of sale in one, is the best gift for your family or children.   the size: Package size: 455*155*50 mm Product size: 215*717*56 mm      ..
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