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  Traditional penetration Black technology anti -gravity As well as moisture, Bring an enjoyable experience, adding the technical feeling of the desktop   Moisturize Sleeping all night From morning to night quiet, Low noise and energy A double health filter in health The element of the first antibacterial filter bears the initial purification of water quality     Protecting dual power outages effectively prevents dry burning A sensor to discover the water level and prevent dry burns      ..
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        Simple design automatic door closer, suitable for all kinds of doors. Extremely easy to install, small size strong function. Specifications Pull force: 500g/800g/1000g Cable length: 1.2 meters Material: ABS+Stainless steel Color: black/white Product size: (length×width×height): 63×63×16mm Applicable door types: single door, left and right door, double door.   Package Included: 1 *door closer 1 *hook sticker 1 *nail-free sticker 4 *screws 1 *Small wrench (Used to adjust the length of the cable outside the cable box) Pull strength 500g: For light door like bedroom doors, washroom doors Pull strength 800-1000g: For heavy door like metal door, anti-theft doors. Noitce Please choose suitable strength to work perfectly. Can be installed by nail-free sticker or normal screws. 1200mm length adjustable distance. When opening two locks, never let go, or the wire rope will be scrapped when retracted into the box suddenly     SUITABLE FOR SURFACE Ceramic, metal, marble, ceramic tile, glass, etc. NOT SUITABLE FOR SURFACE Whitewashed wall, wallpaper, cement wall, brick wall, paint wall. And other easily peeling walls.                ..
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* Note: Please use QC3.0 power transformer (charger), otherwise the LED light will not be on. * It works for all phones that support wireless charging !!! * Note: To try fast charging and using all functions at the same time, please use QC 3.0 power transformer 2023NEWLED APP Control RGB atmosphere, wireless charger lamp the description:   1. Input voltage: 12 volts/2.5 A 2. Wireless output: 5w-7.5W-10W-15W 3. LDE output: 10 watts 4. Bluetooth sound energy: 3 watts 5. Material: Press computer 6. Product color: black, white 7. Lighting mode: 256 species 8. Recitation distance: 2-6 mm meter 9. Shipping efficiency: 75% 10. Work Frequency: 100-205KHz 11. Battery capacity button: 40mah 12. Net weight: 466g 13. Product size: 225*82*230 mm Specifications: Job description: 15 w wire charging, sleeping lamp, sunrise waking lamp, atmosphere lamp, bed lamp, dazzling light effect, bluetooth sound, around the clock, alarm   Click on the 10 -way replacement bulb button (in color, two horse color running, three horse -shaped, seven horse operation), and other media of 256 and 16 million light colors that can be adjusted through the application connected.   The package includes: 1 * Smart RGB Night Light Wireless Shipping 1 * Shipping cable 1 * User guide Notes: Note: This product comes with a fast charger..
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MIJIA Smartfrog Portable Clothes set Can be dried quickly, home travel artifact Fast drying/Folding storage Sturdy load/triple protection Fast drying, hot and cold switching does not hurt clothing. Boot automatically into the hot air mode, with 50°~60° warm wind fast drying clothing. Built-in chip, 3 hours automatically switch to cold air mode (can also be manually switched to cold wind), so that clothing is naturally supple.tookfun. Red light: Hot air mode default 50°-60° warm wind Blue light: Automatically switch to cold air mode after 3 hours Multi-scene use to meet daily needs. Strong load-bearing, suitable for a variety of clothing Short-sleeved T-Shirt/long-sleeved shirt/sports clothes/heavy Clothing PTC ceramic heating, high heat efficiency more power saving Using the whole industry safe and reliable PTC ceramic heating technology, thermal efficiency is much higher than the heating wire and other common heating technology. Mild heat dissipation, 6 hours =1° electricity, can be used daily. Innovative airway patents, more uniform drying clothing Unique innovative airway technology patent, to ensure that there are sleeves, sleeveless, underwear, can be evenly and quickly dried. Triple protection, peace of mind use. Using high temperature resistant flame retardant materials, built-in microcomputer protection program, 3 hours automatic switching cold air mode. Anti-overheating temperature control protection system, intelligent temperature control, circuit protection, can be used with peace of mind. Can dry clothes, dry shoes, easy to handle, Equipped with a tubular hanger, you can easily dry your shoes by simply inserting the duct into your shoes. According to the height of shoes, adjust the length of expansion, to meet a variety of shoe types Note: The default is the Clothes Dryers, If you want to add Shoes Dryers, Please purchase ‘Shoes Clothes Dryers. How to use dry shoe tubes: Step1: the wind tubes are inserted into the outlet of each side Step2: plug the bottom of the machine into a silicone plug Step3: the duct into the shoe separately. Step4: Tap the switch after connecting the power supply Removable, easy to collect, light body shape, easy to carry In the travel, the duct can be disassembled, placed in the storage bag, placed in the corner of the box, does not occupy space. The hanger net weight is only 362g and can reduce the burden. Show details 1* One-click Control, Switchgear/hot and cold wind. 2* Unique Waterproof air inlet design, Detail part of the design is very meticulous, thoughtful. 3* Scalable pipe Hanger, Dry shoe hanger can match shoes of any size (non-standard configuration) 4* Storage Bag, Removable duct, shoe tube, all loaded into the storage bag for easy to carry. CE safety certification.    ..
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Product sale point: 1. Similate the manual survey on the floor, works at a high speed, and the external periodic mop rotate at a high speed, with a high frequency and a good effect. 2. The engine does not have excessive energy consumption during the transmission process, which can reduce unnecessary vibration and a low -no -point periodic mit of hand pressure. 3. Robot disinfection can help you repair the purification robot.It can be absorbed by hair decreased by pets and cleaning dirty feet. 4. Suitable with a variety of floors and multiple environments for cleaning and cleaning more anxiety.The disinfection machine is suitable for a variety of floors, wooden panels, marble, tiles, etc. 5. Automatic cleaning, color and U-in turn, low noise, and enjoy a quiet life.The regulation runs automatic cleaning, which prevents guidance, low noise, and will not disturb your life during cleaning. 6. The bottom of the moisturizing spray function is equipped with purple light.Our church has been equipped with a spray function.It can be sprayed and moistened while sweeping the ground.As the device moves, it moisturizes the air at every corner. product specification: Product Name: K-555 automatic device for cleaning dust Color: black/white/red Articles: Abs Energy supply mode: USB shipping Battery capacity: 1500 mAh Continuous battery life: more than 60 minutes Style: rechargeable E sweep: automatic Distinated voltage: 3.7 volts Energy energy: 5.4 watts Timing function: There is no timing Play mode: mechanical Applicable space: 150-180 square meters Cleaning function: dry/wet wiping Product size: about 25x25x6.5 centimeters/9.75 x9.75x2.54inch Fill size: about 36.5x27.5x8 centimeters/14.24 x10.73x3.12inch The package includes: 1 x automatic device for cleaning dust 1 x dry survey towel 1 x wet wet towel 1 x water bottle 1 x cargo cable note: 1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters due to manual measurement. 2. Due to the difference in light and the screen, the color of the product may differ slightly from the images. Service guarantee: If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will provide you with high quality and best solution services. Thank you for your support!Welcome to buy from us!You can contact us for more details of the goods.Welcome to a visit.We hope you have a nice day!..
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