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MIJIA Smartfrog Portable Clothes set Can be dried quickly, home travel artifact Fast drying/Folding storage Sturdy load/triple protection Fast drying, hot and cold switching does not hurt clothing. Boot automatically into the hot air mode, with 50°~60° warm wind fast drying cl..
Ex Tax:SR250.00
  High speed charging and multiple protection Design support safe circuit to ship your phone at high speed, you can avoid excessive charging, excessive discharge, excess electrical diamond. Very light, very small, ultra -thin Only 1.4 ounces, can be eas..
Ex Tax:SR100.00
Product sale point: 1. Similate the manual survey on the floor, works at a high speed, and the external periodic mop rotate at a high speed, with a high frequency and a good effect. 2. The engine does not have excessive energy consumption during the transmission process, which can reduce unnecessa..
Ex Tax:SR250.00
    feature: 1. This product is an ideal matching version of the AK-47 design, using the original wood color and the body of the dark brown grain gun. 2. The product has 2 operating media, you can switch to achieve one continuous Fire shot 3. Decisive magazine, mechanica..
Ex Tax:SR200.00
  Product information   Name: Self -adhesive waterproof!   Materials: Silicone rubber   Size: offer, * length   Color: white/black   the description:   1. The leakage hoses, pipes, channels, water -resistant electrical connect..
Ex Tax:SR120.00
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