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The biggest reason to buy a wireless power bank is the convenience factor. With the MagSafe Wireless Charger, you simply place your smartphone on the charging pad and it will start charging. No need to lug around cables and connectors. Specifications of Power Bank - MagSafe Wireless Charger: P..
Ex Tax:SR220.00
  Traditional penetration Black technology anti -gravity As well as moisture, Bring an enjoyable experience, adding the technical feeling of the desktop   Moisturize Sleeping all night From morning to night quiet, Low noise and energy A double health..
Ex Tax:SR180.00
        Simple design automatic door closer, suitable for all kinds of doors. Extremely easy to install, small size strong function. Specifications Pull force: 500g/800g/1000g Cable length: 1.2 meters Material: ABS+Stainless steel Color: black..
Ex Tax:SR110.00
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